Hot and hazy visit, two fledglings and Rosie - June 24th, 2013

I had a rough go of it while at Washington Square Park today what with dealing with the heat and humidity (we reached a hazy 93 degrees in some parts) and an ongoing eye infection in both eyes. Quite the triple whammy. :-) 

I mention all this because I may not go birding again until this Friday or Saturday when my eye treatment (and hopefully the brutal weather!) is complete.

The first Hawk I saw today was a fledgling sitting on a corner of Silver Center (along the eastern border of the park):

It was restful so I moved to the center of the park square to look for other members of its family. I saw a Hawk on the scaffolding of One University Place (outside the northeast corner of the park):

I figured out later that the Hawk was Rosie.

The original fledgling was still on its Silver Center cornice:

I zoomed in and scanned the face of the building and found one of the fledgling's siblings:

Both babes in the same shot:

Rosie started to get dive-bombed by a Mockingbird:

The Mockingbird chased Rosie when she flew off her perch:

It bumped her back for an instant: 

But she was flying too fast and far for it to keep up so it gave up:

Rosie circled above the square a few times then flew northeast and out of view.

Flying behind One University Place:

I looked around for the third fledgling for a while but didn't find it. It very well could have been tucked high up in tree foliage/shade or on any of the buildings surrounding the park.

One of the last photos I took of one of the fledglings: