'New' WSP nest site, whole Hawk family together - June 29th, 2013

Bobby and Rosie were flying just outside Washington Square Park when I arrived this morning.

I saw one of the parents land on the north-facing side of Shimkin Hall. Shimkin is an NYU building neighboring Bobst Library.


Fledgling several windows west of her:

Both Hawks:

A fellow Hawk-watcher who was already watching the birds told me Rosie and Bobby had been delivering new nesting material to a couple of the window sills on the north-facing side of Shimkin several times already.

I had reported seeing Bobby and Rosie deliver nesting material to a west-facing window of the same building several times last summer but nothing ever came of that location so we'll have to see if they decide to keep this new spot.

The same fellow Hawk-watcher said all three fledglings were on the Shimkin ledge. It was nice to know the whole family was together and doing well.

I could only see one of the fledglings at the moment.

Bobby flew past the building, heading west:

He landed on Bobst Library:

Rosie flew off the Shimkin ledge then returned shortly with a branch:

Bobby had seen her fly in:

He passed the windows and landed on a neighboring, southeast building: 

I moved and focused my attention back on Shimkin and the windows.

Bobby then reappeared on Bobst Library with a dried, flowery twig:

He brought it to the new site:

The fledgling that was in sight the whole time rushed toward him probably thinking he was bringing food:

Bobby flew out after several seconds:

My fellow Hawk-watcher found Bobby sitting on a lamp on the back end of Shimkin:

Babe, begging:


Rosie flew off after a couple of minutes.

Bobby, again in view but on a different back section of Shimkin:

The fledgling relaxed:

The windows Bobby and Rosie have been bringing the material to is the second and third window from the left, at the same ledge the fledgling is sitting on below:

Rosie appeared, flying between Shimkin on the left and Bobst Library on the right:

She was flying above West 3rd Street and across from where pigeons flock at the NYU housing along that street.

My friend saw Rosie fly from West 3rd with a pigeon then land on a building further south on West 4th. Rosie was doing a food drop. The building was a block from Shimkin and in view of the fledgling.

 The fledgling was watching Rosie with rapt attention:

The fledgling began to eat the pigeon:

The fledgling is the small bump on the light silver boxy structure in the center of the photo:

The fledgling was eating for a while so I went to the park grounds to look for any of the other Hawks.

I saw one of the fledglings several minutes later. It hopped from branch to branch in one tree:

Spying on pigeons and other prey:

The fledgling was digesting and settled in to relax. It might have been the fledgling that was eating the pigeon earlier but I can't be sure.

A bunch of the other park creatures were relaxing as well.

I looked some more for the other birds but didn't spot any of them so I left before the heat and humidity became unbearable.