One fledgling, lots of action after my departure - June 6th, 2013

It took me and a couple of fellow Hawk-watchers just over an hour to see one of the Washington Square Park fledglings today. We figured they were resting somewhere tucked away after a meal. At least that's what we told ourselves as wishful thinking.

Eventually one of the fledglings flew to one of the water towers overlooking their main hangout area as of late.

It perched there for eight minutes before soaring down to another familiar perch:

I was so impressed because the little Hawk did not descend in a clumsy or tentative way but soared down expertly, powerfully, and directly.

We moved to a different area of the park to see if we could get a better view of that fledgling or of the area where the others may be.

I saw Rosie on NYU's Silver Center as we were walking:

A little closer:

We could not see the fledgling from our new angle so we returned to our initial view of it.

It was relaxed and preened on occasion.

I left the park. My fellow Hawk-watchers later reported seeing Rosie catch a pigeon and Bobby and she zipping around the trees. Pretty exciting stuff! One of the Hawk-watchers also got to see another of the fledglings sitting on a fence close to where the first one was sitting. 

It should rain all day tomorrow and a great part of Saturday so there may not be much birding done until the weather is due to clear on Sunday.