Rosie hunting, Bobby's pigeon for the babes - June 12th, 2013

A mellow guitarist on a park bench noticed me searching for the Hawks and pointed Rosie out to me (thanks!) the second I happened to lay eyes on her. I almost walked right by her, she was so still on a pathway lamp:

She was off and hunting after a minute:

She didn't snag anything. I spotted her on a low building at the northeastern corner outside the park:

Off after a few seconds:

Only several feet away from me (it's always awe-inspiring when the Hawks get so close):

She seemed to be going for something by park benches but didn't catch anything. She did not pause her flight but continued on to get high in the trees:

She was still searching for prey from time to time.

She relaxed a bit, not leaving her new tree for eighteen minutes:

In another tree, closer to the ground (preening):

Off after another two minutes:

In an even higher tree a few lawns across from me (preening again):

She left this last tree after about seven minutes.

She soared and circled above the eastern side of the park for a few minutes. She seemed to have gone out of hunting mode.

Above NYU's Silver Center:

She flew higher and higher then disappeared when flying east.

I moved away from the trees and to an area from where I could better watch the skies.

I saw a Turkey Vulture flying west. It floated at about the same level of the building the Hawk I saw seconds later was flying:

The Hawk turned out to be Bobby with a pigeon:

The Turkey Vulture was long gone by then, disappearing when flying west toward 6th Avenue.

Bobby circled above the western side of the park several times, as though to show/display he had food.

He then carried the pigeon above me and my Hawk-watching friend and went east to NYU's Education Building: 

He eventually landed on one of the round, white antennas.

He flew off the antenna with the pigeon after several seconds:

He hovered, looking down. It was pretty obvious he was overlooking a fledgling because he then tucked in and floated down to the lower building top. He was delivering the meal. 

Bobby then soared across from the building after his delivery:

I and a fellow Hawk-watcher tried to see the fledgling(s?) eating but we couldn't see them from the street.

I walked around to look for the other Hawks.

I spotted Bobby and Rosie perched together atop One Fifth Avenue 45 minutes later:

Rosie flew off after a minute:

She landed on the southern corner top of Silver Center:

She was looking down over the park:

She flew east and out of sight again.

I went to a lawn with a view of where the fledglings have been hanging out most often.

One of the fledglings perched on the tan structure the kids like to sit on:

It didn't stay in view for long. The tan structure is adjacent to the building where Bobby delivered the food.

I left the area and resumed searching for any of the Hawks. I couldn't find any so I decided to leave the park. 

I spotted a fledgling when I was half a block east from the grounds. It was on a building behind the Education Building:

From a different angle:

Rosie flew overhead and further east eight minutes later:

The fledgling jumped down to a lower perch, well out of sight:

I was very lucky to spot it at its new location. It could only be seen if one looked quite a distance through a narrow space between two buildings:

The fledgling was quite relaxed, preening and stretching and curiously looking about it:


I watched the fledgling for about 45 minutes, much longer than I had planned to but who could just walk away after only a couple of minutes?