The whole family seen at the same time - June 19th, 2013

Who I think was Rosie was seated atop One Fifth when I approached Washington Square Park today. The Hawk was preening and settled down low on its perch.

I looked left toward Silver Center and saw a shape on the furthest green triangular feature:

It was one of the juveniles.

I walked closer and saw a second fledgling sitting next to it:

One of the fledglings jumped off Silver and circled above the area of the park I was standing in front of.

It was soaring and turning expertly:

It disappeared when flying east of Silver. The other fledgling flew off Silver and disappeared too.

I looked for either bird but did not see one until I was southeast. It was a fledgling but I don't know if it was the third one or either of the two I had seen minutes earlier.

It was relaxed, preening:

It hopped down and flew out of sight below the top of its building.

I looked for it in all the spots I could think of but had no luck so I went back to the park.

I then saw one of the fledglings on NYU's Education building. I don't know which fledgling it was.

But I did see its sibling on NYU's Shimkin Hall, a building across the street (West 4th) from it:

I changed location to get a better view of both fledglings.

It was while at my new location when I saw the third fledgling on Judson Memorial Church's cross. I was pretty excited to see it there because it was the first time I had seen one of this season's fledglings up there and because it's such a great Hawkey place to be:

The Education building fledgling picking at its talons:

At one point the Shimkin fledgling seemed to look at the fledgling on the cross and the other looked back:

Bobby and Rosie were together on One Fifth:

They were both preening:

It was pretty nice to see all the Hawks in the family at the same time and to see them doing so well.

Shimkin fledgling with wings stretched out for a while, sunning:

It got up a few minutes later and started to beg:

I don't know how hungry it was considering I had watched it eat a little bit while on the roof.

It was begging in Rosie's direction, who was then flying behind the Education building fledgling:

Rosie flew southeast behind the buildings in front of me. She was headed to where the pigeon flocks hang out at West 3rd and Mercer Streets.

All three fledglings stayed relaxed for a while so I left.