Two fledglings palling around, Bobby's food delivery - June 14th, 2013

Bobby was high up on One Fifth Avenue when I arrived at Washington Square Park:

One of the fledglings was on a regular perch at the east-side buildings:

A second fledgling was feet away, on a lower perch from its sibling:

It had flown to a favored corner of NYU's Pless Building:

Its sibling still on the tan structure:

It joined the other a couple of minutes later:

The two seen from a side angle (NYU's Silver Center in the background):

One of the fledgling's tail feathers jutting over the edge:

The fledglings were preening and settling in so I looked around for Rosie or Bobby.

Bobby was still on One Fifth (twenty five minutes after I first saw him today):

I returned to watch the fledglings.

Pless is a regular food drop-off spot.

One of the fledglings with a tiny morsel:

Reaching out to playfully nip the other's tail feathers:

It held on for several seconds, even digging its feet in and backing up a little to tug harder. It was pretty funny to see.

With its sibling again. They were both pretty relaxed.

Reaching out to nip again (or maybe to preen its sibling):

The one that had been lying down got up to stretch, nearly making the other tip over and fall off the perch:

They both turned a couple of minutes later and focused their attention on something I could not see yet. One started to cry:

It was Bobby with a food delivery.

The fledgling immediately mantled (covered the food with its wings):

The other fledgling tried to join them: 

But its feet couldn't find purchase so it kept flying:

Bobby went on his way after a minute:

He flew west above the park, north, then west out of sight:

I stood closer to Pless to watch the fledgling eat.

The fledgling that had kept flying returned to Pless, crying out as it flew overhead. It landed on the railing:

The first fledgling had obviously taken the food down to the roof of Pless because the second fledgling watched it eating from above before flying down to join it: