Bobby, fledgling(s?), and Rosie - July 31st, 2013

Bobby was on one of his favorite corners of NYU's Silver Center:

He didn't look like he was about to move so I left him to look for other members of the Hawk family.

He was still seated below the green pediment when I was clear across the other side of the park:

It took a few seconds of concentrated looking but I was happy to find one of the fledglings in the hangman's/hanging tree at the northwest corner of the park:

The fledglings sure like that tree this season.

I had been watching the fledgling for fifteen minutes when one of the park regulars I had been chatting with rushed back over to me to point Rosie out in a tree south of me:

She was very relaxed, preening and resting.

I went back to the fledgling after twenty minutes. It was still in the tree:

The fledgling saw something and flew to it:

This fledgling has dark coloring partially encircling its left ankle. I recognized it to be the same fledgling as the one seen on July 22nd (recognizable by the matched ankle marking). The dark band can be clearly seen in the 11th photo in that linked post. 

I had been hoping the mark was not a smudge but something more permanent and that I'd see a fledgling with it again (as I did today). I'll have to look at older posts to see if one of the fledglings always had that mark.

Pigeons scattered like mad when the fledgling descended but I didn't see where the fledgling landed.

Rosie flew to a tree across the path from me while I looked for the fledgling:

A guy was flying a cool remote-controlled doohickey near Rosie's tree:

She left her tree and went to another one nearby four minutes later:

Rosie then flew out of the park. I followed her flight path the best I could and came upon the fledgling seated on a building outside the southwestern corner of the park:

I knew it to be the same fledgling thanks to its ankle marking.

It flew to some leftovers on the corner:

It watched something above and began to cry out. It then jumped into the sky and flew over the western side of the park:

It must have flown up to Rosie because she was in the sky as well:

The fledgling flew after Rosie, begging:

They both disappeared out of sight.

I had to leave the park soon anyway.

I spotted a fledgling sitting atop NYU housing on West 3rd Street a couple of minutes after I had left the park:

I don't know if it was the same fledgling as the one that was in the park since I couldn't get a look at its left ankle.

I was in a hurry and had to leave but was glad to have this one last sighting.