Two fledglings. Rosie visits the nest - July 22nd, 2013

One World Trade Center in the distance. You can probably tell how hazy it still is in the city:

I first spotted Rosie on the cornice below the green triangular pediment on NYU's Silver Center. This building faces the eastern side of Washington Square Park. 

She was alone on the building for a good couple of minutes before Bobby joined her.

She is on the left and he on the right:



One of the fledglings flew to its parents after I had been watching them for about ten minutes:

The fledgling was crying, begging. It walked along the cornice toward Rosie:

Bobby flew from his corner to another further north:

He was sitting at one of his favorite night-time roosting spots.

Back with Rosie and the babe:

The fledgling flew toward Bobby, scaring up a couple of Finches during its flight:

Bobby flew up and away as soon as the fledgling flew to him:

He landed on the northernmost corner:


Bobby flew across the park and out of sight ten minutes after his landing at his northernmost Silver Center perch:

The fledgling flew off its perch and looked like it landed in a tree a good distance across from Silver but I couldn't pinpoint where it was. 

When I got closer to the suspected tree I saw a Hawk flying above that area of the park. I couldn't identify the Hawk because of the thick foliage above me.

At first I thought it might be the fledgling but it could have been Rosie because she was observed by a fellow Hawk-watcher flying into the nest seconds after I watched it fly toward the park square.


A fledgling landed on the Judson Memorial Church cross shortly afterward:

This fledgling had a full crop so I don't think it was the first fledgling we had been watching earlier. There was not enough time for the begging fledgling to have eaten and gotten full already.

Bobby was spotted on the west-facing side of NYU's Catholic Center building by a fellow Hawk-watcher. He was facing the fledgling that was perched on the cross.


All three of these Hawks were pretty relaxed.

Rosie was attending to the nest:

Bobby moved toward the park-facing side of the Catholic Center after fifteen minutes:

He flew off this new section after another ten:

He flew to a bunch of trees at the northwestern corner of the park.

Rosie still in the nest:

She had already been at the nest for forty five minutes at this point.

Bobby reappeared seven minutes later when he flew from his northwest area and toward the trees located below the southerly fledgling on the cross. I couldn't see where he wound up though.

He was spotted after yet another seven minutes by a fellow Hawk-watcher. He was eating on a building lamp. That particular lamp is a regular dining table for the Hawks. It is where leftovers are routinely stashed.

The fledgling changed position in order to watch him:

It flew to a new spot eight minutes later:

It only flew one building further south:


It looked like he was eating either a rat or a squirrel:

We watched him eat for eighteen minutes.

He flew back to the trees:

The fledgling was as relaxed as before:

We looked for Bobby but couldn't spot him. It was getting hotter and muggier anyway so we split. It was a good thing we did too because it began to pour a few minutes later.