Banded fledgling still in WSP, has a rat meal - August 10th, 2013

I visited Washington Square Park today for an hour and a half (between 9:30AM - 11:00AM) today but had no luck seeing the banded fledgling a fellow Hawk-watcher told me was still in the park earlier this morning.

But I did see this little guy:

My friend had seen the fledgling in a tree at the southwest area we call Quantico or the Hunting Grounds (where Bobby trained Pip how to hunt). 

I was told that the fledgling was high up in one of the trees and that Bobby was seen in the same tree a few minutes later (minus the fledgling).

Another Hawk-watcher who arrived at the park after I had returned home from my visit told me he saw the banded fledgling and one of the parents in the same section of the park as my other friend. 

He reported seeing the fledgling and either Bobby or Rosie fight over food that the adult grabbed from a tree branch. The food fell to the ground and the Hawks went on their way. That was at about 12:50PM.

At 6:20PM he let me know the fledgling was eating the food (a rat body) that had fallen to the ground earlier.