WSP Hawk sightings the last few days - August 3rd, 2013

Although I couldn't be at Washington Square Park every day since my last outing three days ago, I thankfully have some Red-tailed Hawk sightings to report (sent to me by fellow Hawk-watchers I often enjoy the Hawks with).

Wednesday, July 31st: I was told one of the fledglings roosted atop One Fifth Avenue (it might have been one of the fledglings I saw earlier that day).

Friday, August 2nd: A fellow Hawk-watcher let me know he was seeing Bobby, Rosie, and one of the fledglings together in the same tree.

Saturday, August 3rd: I searched the park and surrounding areas for an hour and a half but  did not definitively see a Hawk. I was pretty sure I saw a fledgling soaring low above 9th Street (between Greene and Mercer Streets) and I took photos from afar but I wasn't able to focus on the bird or conclude if it was one of the Red-tailed Hawks. I looked for the Hawk but I never saw it again.