Chatty Blue Jays - September 4th, 2013

A two-hour search for the Washington Square Park Hawks today was fruitless for me. A fellow Hawk-watcher had spotted a Hawk on NYU's Silver Center about an hour and a half before I arrived at the park so at least one was confirmed to be in the area. The same Hawk-watcher also had the happy luck to see Bobby and Rosie occasionally over the last few days so at least we know they are still regularly frequenting the park.

The most interesting part of my visit was when I watched and heard two Blue Jays calling and responding to each other and following each other about from the trees, to Silver Center, and then north out of sight. They didn't sound upset or stressed out. It seemed more a case of them keeping tabs on each others' whereabouts and staying close by each other.

Listening to its friend's call: