Hawkless park visit - September 23rd, 2013

A scene from The Carrie Diaries TV show was being shot outside the northeastern corner of Washington Square Park today (Miss AnnaSophia Robb in the skirt on the left in the photo below). I don't usually photograph film sets (and I don't happen to watch this show) but I have to admit I was digging seeing the 80s "period" clothing of the other actors:

On her mark:

Undoubtedly a sore sight for my and fellow New Yorkers' eyes (even if it was a set prop):

I did not see Rosie and Bobby during my visit today but I did see a Kestrel flying around the southwestern side of the park, chasing pigeons. A fellow Hawk-watcher saw Bobby and Rosie doing well yesterday.

Kestrel flying in front of Judson Memorial Church:

The new trap at the southeastern corner of the park remains:

As do the traps along the northern side of the street across from Washington Square Park between 5th Avenue and University Place (NYU grounds). 

A sampling of a few of the traps. One:







A few of the traps along the same side of the street but further west (between 5th Avenue and MacDougal Street):

Some of the buildings are doctors' offices and residences but the rest are NYU.