New rat traps (snap?) - October 26th, 2013

I didn't see Bobby or Rosie in Washington Square Park today but a friend who was in the park before me saw one of them fly low above the park arch before losing sight of him/her.

Both Hawks were seen roosting together at the Red Roost Inn last night.

I did see new rat traps placed at the eastern side of the park:

Well chewed on:

Another trap a few feet next to it:

It wasn't clear if the traps were snap traps or not. 

Last year the rodenticide traps were switched out with snap traps (in order to protect the Hawks and animals from getting poisoned) and were labeled as such. These new traps have no labels on them so a casual observer would not be able to tell what's in them.

A loud Warbler was flitting about:

Bobst Library nest looking well: