Rosie and Bobby share a squirrel meal - October 20th, 2013

I was not at Washington Square Park to witness the excitement but a fellow Hawk-watcher was there and let me know that Rosie and Bobby shared a squirrel meal in the park today.

Rosie caught the squirrel as it was sitting in a tree. She had to hang upside down for a bit while she kept hold of the squirrel in her talons. She then brought the squirrel to a new tree to eat. Bobby then came over and ate the rest of the squirrel as Rosie sat next to him on the branch.

Rosie then captured and killed another squirrel and ate it on her own.

My friend permitted me to publish their photo below of Rosie hanging upside down. It must have been a tremendous thing to witness and I was sorry to have missed it but thankful to have been able to see it via this picture and to publish it. Thank you!