Rosie's squirrel catch - October 16th, 2013

There's a new, thin pipe running alongside the Red Roost Inn (Rosie and Bobby's overnight pipe support roost):

I wonder if the workers who installed it were curious what kind of bird could have left all that bird poop:

I had been at Washington Square Park for an hour before I saw Rosie fly across my path (a few trees ahead of me) then land in a tree. She had a squirrel in her talons.

She was so huge with her wings spread out, I was surprised that no one else seemed to notice her. One man did but after he looked to see what I was photographing.

She landed on one of the low NYU-owned townhouses outside the northern border of the park. These townhouses are where NYU has the dangerous (to the Hawks and other nontarget animals) rodenticide Difethialone in the rat traps.

She waited five minutes before next flying to an NYU building along the eastern side of the park:

She flew north then banked east and over the park after six minutes:

I walked through the park and spotted her soaring in circles beyond Judson Memorial Church. She was about two blocks southwest of the park:

I lost sight of her for a couple of minutes.

I then saw the last flaps of her flying far north, well out of the park. I walked north on 5th Avenue to look for her. I found her circling over around 10th and 11th Streets between 5th and 6th Avenues four minutes later:

She eventually flew too far north for me to follow.

I went to where the squirrel was left on Pless to see if Bobby had gone to it to eat it but he was not there with it.