Two minutes with Bobby, five with Rosie - October 22nd, 2013

I first spotted Bobby out of the corner of my eye as I looked for him and Rosie at Washington Square Park today. He was sitting atop a construction support at NYU's Pless Building:

He was above the building corner this spring's offspring would perch/pal around together at on occasion. 

Trip down memory lane...

June 14th (the tail feathers of a second fledgling on the tan corner on the left):


Back to Bobby:

He flew a block south to West 3rd Street, flew east on 3rd, then north on Mercer. I lost sight of him for the rest of my visit.

I spotted Rosie on one of NYU's Silver Center flags twenty five minutes later:

She flew off four minutes later:

She circled over several buildings for a minute before I lost sight of her too for the day.

I'm not particularly happy with the following photo (camera settings issue) but I include it anyway to show the last second I saw Rosie as she flew over the buildings a block east from the park: