Bobby and Rosie's closeness, protectiveness - November 3rd, 2013

I was not able to bird all of last week so I was glad to see Bobby and Rosie doing well today.

A fellow Hawk-watcher was in Washington Square Park before me and let me know Bobby was on the southeast corner of One Fifth Avenue:

Rosie appeared from the east a few minutes later. She flew to and over the park in front of Bobby:

She flew toward the back of Two Fifth Avenue (apartment building across the street from Bobby's building) to land on one of its construction hoist towers:

She is the dark figure atop the tower in the center of the photo:

From left to right in the photo above is Two Fifth Avenue, the low NYU buildings across from the park (and where NYU has been keeping the Difethialone-filled rat traps), One Fifth Avenue.

Rosie's crop was full so she must have just eaten. She appeared to wipe her beak clean on the tower:

Bobby stayed in place, clearly relaxed:

Rosie flew around both buildings then headed east out of the park, in the general direction from whence she came:

Another fellow Hawk-watcher saw her perched on an apartment building terrace overlooking Broadway (four blocks east of the park):

I stood where I could watch both Hawks.

Bobby looked like he was watching her:

He flew to her after a few minutes:

Bobby moved to the railing facing east. He is on the left, she on the right (she is facing north):

It was a blustery, chilly morning. The Hawks' feathers would get forced up from the gusts:

Broadway was loud and busy, as usual. An FDNY vehicle whizzed by, siren blaring at one point:

Bobby flew toward the park twenty three minutes after he had joined Rosie:

Rosie left her perch seven minutes later:

We saw her soaring in circles across Broadway for a few seconds before she disappeared behind building tops. After a couple of minutes we then saw her, Bobby, and another bird engaged with each other. 

The third bird turned out to be a Peregrine Falcon harassing Bobby. 

In the photo below Bobby is in a defensive posture while Rosie flies in from the right to help him fight off the Falcon:

The Falcon soon left them alone. We saw it head north and Bobby and Rosie head south together.