Bobby on apartment terrace, Bobst Library rat poison - November 9th, 2013

I was approaching Washington Square Park from the east today and spotted Bobby on a terrace of the same apartment building from last Sunday:

I saw him for less than a minute because he then flew east. 

I didn't see him again or get to see Rosie when I looked for her in the park.

Unfortunately I did see a few of the park garbage cans with their lids dangling from the side (making it easy for rats to climb in and eat):

And then I saw a new rat trap in the park (the 'fake rock' kind) but I couldn't get close enough to photograph it because a group of people were hanging out near it and I didn't want to bother them.

But what was egregious to me was seeing a rat trap with the rodenticide Difethialone against the east wall of Bobst Library (where the Hawks' nest is):

I remember they had put out these rat traps with the rat poison last year but I have to admit I was shocked to see this one today. Of all places, NYU put this poisonous trap (instead of a snap trap) against the very building where the nest is.  

I'm pretty sure NYU will remove these traps in February or March when the Hawks begin to nest again but that doesn't assuage my personal dismay over the fact that the Hawks could get poisoned by eating a rat sickened by the Difethialone before then.