Passing juvenile Bald Eagle and Bobby on his own - November 29th, 2013

I visited Washington Square Park twice today in the hopes of finding Rosie but had no luck. But I did get to see Bobby the second time I visited the park.

A huge raptor appeared from the northeast, flew past One Fifth Avenue, over the park, then continued flying southwest. I could tell it was not Bobby or Rosie. A friend and I pored over the photos I took and we are pretty sure it was a juvenile Bald Eagle passing through.

Bobby appeared atop One Fifth Avenue almost ten minutes later:

He flew off after twelve minutes, circled above the blocks east of the park, then headed northeast.

I saw him perched on Judson Memorial Church's cross thirteen minutes later:

He flew off after eleven minutes, heading southwest:

It was getting darker out so I waited for him or Rosie to fly into the Red Roost Inn for the evening.

Bobby flew in almost half an hour after I last saw him:

I looked in all the known Rosie roosts but did not find her.