Washington Square Park in its splendor again - November 21st, 2013

Washington Square Park is back to being in a more glorious state. I was at the park for a couple of hours looking for Bobby and Rosie (who I did not get to see) and was glad to see that 99% of the litter I had remarked on last week was cleaned up. The lawns' overgrowth was cleared as well. 

Leaves were neatly raked into piles around a sleeping homeless couple on one lawn:

So.. this is where we're at with society now?

Anyway, for any locals who may be wondering, no, that was not Larry (a park regular) on the lawn.

What looked like an irrigation structure created an unintended communal watering hole for the park creatures. Water pooled in the basin so Sparrows, a squirrel, and a pigeon all  approached it over the course of several minutes to enjoy the water.

This one Sparrow seemed to stake a claim over the basin:

The same Sparrow as above returned to the basin to continue its bath:

It was fun to learn one of the park creatures' secrets. And all I had to do was sit in quiet stillness to do so.