Night Hawking with Bobby and Rosie - December 11th, 2013

I managed to arrive at Washington Square Park a few minutes before sunset today and see Rosie and Bobby for about a half hour before they went to bed.

They were seated on a building at the western side of the park:

Rosie flew over the park and to NYU's Silver Center building a few seconds later:

Bobby followed her shortly afterward.

He is on the upper perch on the left, she below him at the flag pole railing on the right:

Rosie flew off her perch then flew to the other pole railing further north:

Bobby then flew to where she had perched earlier:


Rosie descended to the trees, came up without anything in her talons, then flew around the area before landing on one of the Bobst Library ledges near the nest:

Unfortunately I didn't get a good enough shot of her on the window ledge.

She and Bobby then flew around some more.

In the shot below she is flying by NYU's Kimmel Center while Bobby sits on the upper right-hand ledge:

Rosie then flew to the west side of the park, headed in the direction of their evening roost, the "Red Roost Inn":

Bobby left his perch at Kimmel and flew to the park trees:

He flew from tree to tree, hunting. He made a couple of dives at rats on the ground but didn't catch any before he too went to the Red Roost Inn for the night:

Rosie on the upper rung, Bobby below her: