Rosie and Bobby visit nest, brief Tompkins Square Park Hawking - December 8th, 2013

I did not visit Washington Square Park today but a fellow Hawk-watcher who did let me know Rosie and Bobby visited the nest together today.

A friend invited me to hang out at Tompkins Square Park and its nearby Farmers' Market so off I went to take advantage of the chance to do some brief Hawking when there. I had had a good bird outing on Thanksgiving so I hoped to once again see some action.

 I spotted an adult Red-tail high up in a tree along the western border of the park:

I never got a good look at its face so we moved on to look for other Hawks.

Looking back at the first one:

The Hawk took to the air shortly afterward and circled above the park square before moving southward a bit:

It cried out loudly at one point:

We then saw a juvenile Red-tail flying in circles higher up and approaching the park. We figured the adult might have been 'yelling' at the juvie. 

It looked like the juvie got the point because it descended quickly and low toward eastern buildings instead of going to the park trees.

The adult then landed on a top corner of Christadora House, an apartment building overlooking the eastern border of the park:

Another adult flew toward the first one before circling above the park:

This second adult was a little more scraggly in appearance and had darker coloring on its chest and wings than the Christadora Hawk:

A juvenile then appeared and circled the sky near the adult:

The two Hawks went their separate ways while the Christadora Hawk stayed put, paying more attention to what it was looking at toward the east rather than the adult and juvie circling the southwest.

I am not too familiar with these birds yet so I don't know if the juvenile was the same one we saw several minutes earlier or not. It would be pretty cool if the two adults were the same ones I saw on Thanksgiving and are a couple and nest at the park in the spring.