Rosie in the park then meeting up with Bobby - December 7th, 2013

I saw Rosie on the Washington Square Park arch as soon as I entered the park square. She was checking out some pigeons that had congregated on the arch.

Her head cocked to the side as she watched them:


She had to step gingerly so she wouldn't get her talons caught in the bird-prevention netting:

She had gotten her foot caught in the netting for a few minutes several months ago so she seemed to have learned how to maneuver around it.

I lost sight of her when she flew east and behind the park-facing buildings.

A new rat trap with multiple holes:

I next spotted her on one of the Broadway-facing apartment terraces she and Bobby regularly perch on now:

I saw that Bobby was sitting next to her when I approached the building.

Bobby is on the left, Rosie closest to us on the right:

Bobby flew off, heading east. Rosie took off right after he did:

They circled above Broadway once then flew further east.

I had already been at the park for an hour so I went about my errands since Rosie and Bobby tend to leave the area for a while once they disappear eastward.

I stepped out of a shop at Astor Place (a couple of blocks northeast from their Broadway terrace building) and looked toward One Fifth Avenue to see if the Hawks might be perched there.

As luck would have it I saw them fly from the direction of One Fifth to just south of Astor Place. I watched as they circled above Astor Place, about a block south from where I stood.

I walked in their direction (along Cooper) but didn't see where they went. Apparently they had taken the cue of this nearby billboard:

But I did see that I was directly across (albeit two blocks' worth) from their Broadway-facing terrace building.

Their terrace was at the left-hand side of the building below:

I wondered if they had been watching the flock of pigeons that lives at the small park in front of Cooper Union when they were on their terrace (along with enjoying the sunlight of course). The little park is across and below the terrace building.

Cooper Union and its flock (top of the Empire State Building on the left):

My errands necessitated that my journey continue eastward.

I soon saw the unmistakable figure of a raptor in the distance:

It was a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk on 1st Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues: