Rosie's two rats before roosting with Bobby - December 18th, 2013

I saw one of the Red-tailed Hawks fly out of the Bobst Library nest as I approached Washington Square Park today but it flew out of view pretty quickly.

Squirrel-feeding time:

What looked like gourmet nuts:

Rosie flying from the western to the eastern side of the park:

Rosie way in the distance, flying past the Garibaldi statue:

A closer look:

She was hunting.

Across from Bobst Library:

She flew through the park and to the corner of the arch:

She and Bobby then soared in tight circles above the area north of the park.

Bobby, full of a meal, headed into the park:

He landed on one of his favorite air conditioners outside the southwestern corner of the park:

I moved closer to him and found Rosie in the trees, hunting again:

One of the other regular squirrel-feeders right on schedule:

Bobby flew from his air conditioner perch to the evening roost:

Rosie jumped down and caught a rat at the base of the Hangman's Elm:

She continued hunting:

She caught another rat:

She then joined Bobby at their roost:

She was on a low rung not visible from across the street so I had to take as best a shot I could from an angle:


The squirrel-feeding/watering lady at the Hangman's Elm:

I was relieved that Rosie finished her hunting in that area before the squirrel-feeding woman came to that tree because as I have mentioned before, a reliable source warned me that this woman tried to attack the Hawks in the past.

She tossed handfuls of peanuts on the ground for the squirrels, right where several rat burrows are and where Rosie caught her two rats from this evening. There is a rat poison trap there too but I wouldn't be surprised if the rats are eating more peanuts than poison.