CP Hawks' nest sites and Bobby and Rosie sightings - January 30th, 2013

I first saw one of the Southeastern Red-tailed Hawks fly to a window a couple of blocks west of the Plaza nest. (Correction 02/01: this building is several buildings west of The Plaza but not two blocks west).

There was plant material on the ledge. Was this window a former test site for these Hawks' nest? Or is it still in the running?

The more tan Hawk with a twig in its beak:

The Hawk is actually there in the center of the photo (perched outside the window):

The Hawk flew toward The Plaza:

It dropped the material into the Plaza nest:

It spent a minute or two attending to the nest material:

I included this photo because it shows even more nesting material on a ledge further west of the nest. Perhaps it was one of the Hawks' first ledge choices:

Landing at the more westerly site again:

Back toward the Plaza:

Third time at the other site:

The Hawk flew a fourth time to the westerly site then back to the Plaza:

The Hawk looked like it was going to bring this latest new material to the Plaza but instead brought it to the westerly site:

The Hawk flew behind the Plaza and out of sight:

Its mate then appeared and flew to the side of The Plaza:

Both Hawks then flew from the Plaza to over Central Park, heading northeast:

I went to The Pond and admired the Great Blue Heron that was still there (pics to come). I happened to see that one of the Hawks was back at the westerly site:

The Hawk flew off its perch after several minutes then out of sight:

Rosie and Bobby were seen every day hanging out together in Washington Square Park (even visiting their nest together).