Almost back in the saddle

Photo from March 19th, 2013

The worst of my cold is over and I may resume checking on and photographing the Red-tailed Hawks by tomorrow (the 1st). 

Bobby and Rosie have been doing well (as seen via the cam and from what I've heard from friends' reports from on-the-ground) so I'm grateful to know they are faring well but can't wait to see them in person again.

Central Park bird break - March 26th, 2013

Lots of busyness then having to fight a cold has been keeping me tied up so here are photos from Tuesday the 26th (the last time in several days I could get out and about and photograph in any  meaningful way).

Red-tailed Hawk from the 37th floor of a building overlooking Central Park:

I'm pretty sure it was the Plaza Male because it had at first perched on The Pierre then Sherry-Netherland Hotels.

Great clouds:

A Red-tail adult and juvenile in a tiff:

My next stop was the bank of Central Park's pond.

Black-crowned Night Heron preening, tucked in a tree:

Great Blue Heron:


Black-crowned Night Heron with a pal. I hope the other bird is its mate and they have a baby or two this Spring:

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk above the lawn between The Pond and 5th Avenue:

An adult Red-tail started to chase it:

Juvenile in the middle, adult Red-tails on either side:

Close-up of the juvenile:

The adults were Plaza Male and Octavia.

Plaza Male:


The three Hawks flew northward and out of sight.

Back to the pair of Black-crowned Night Herons:

Ornery Canada Goose chasing others around The Pond:

Victory honking:

Rushing to a new target:

Two Hawks on the Sherry-Netherland Hotel:

One flew off, flying north:

Plaza Male: