Rosie on her own before bedtime - January 9th, 2014

I spotted Rosie high up in the Hangman's Elm (at the northwest corner of the park) a few minutes after I arrived at Washington Square Park today:

Her crop was full. She appeared relaxed, digesting. After about fifteen minutes she stretched then flew to the top of the Red Roost Inn building (which had been behind her):

The pipe of the Red Roost Inn on the far right:

She flew northeast after two minutes:

She returned five minutes later, landing on another building at the same corner of the park:

Off after another minute:

She circled the sky a few times before landing on a higher perch of the same building:

My fellow Hawk-watcher and I wondered if she might have been making herself obvious in the sky by the evening roost so that Bobby would see her (and join her?).

She flew northeast again.

She perched a block northeast of the park and looked over the park for almost ten minutes  before flying northeast some more.

My friend and I waited until dark to see if Bobby would roost in one of the regular roosting spots but we didn't see him. We didn't see where Rosie roosted for the evening either.