Rosie perched high then roosting with Bobby - January 15th, 2014

I was heading to Washington Square Park by way of East 3rd Street when I saw a rounded, dark shape poking up above an NYU apartment building (one block south from the park). I walked closer so I could get a better look and was pleased to see that it was the top of Rosie's head!

She didn't look like she was hunting (although a flock of pigeons live in the courtyard of that building). She looked more like she was relaxing, soaking up the last of today's sun rays.

She jumped off after twenty five minutes, heading toward the park:

About to fly past Bobst Library:

It was exceptionally foggy today. All you could see of One World Trade was its spire:

I went to the park to search for her. I spotted her sitting atop NYU's Silver Center (overlooking the eastern side of the park):

The sun came and went, changing the lighting:

Bobby appeared, landing below one of the building's green pediments. Rosie is seen on her railing perch on the left, Bobby right of center:

A friend who happened to be running an errand on University Place at the time sent me a text telling me he just saw one of the Hawks (Bobby) fly above him, heading to the park. I wrote back to say yup, I got 'em in my sights. :)

Rosie flew off her perch four minutes later, made a large swoop in the sky north of the park, turned around, then landed beside Bobby.

Here she is flying north (center of photo):

With Bobby:

She left his side after two minutes:

She landed below the pediment across from him:

They both tucked further back into their corners for the night (well in view of each other):