Washington Square Park Hawks, TV stars

Well, sort of. Here's a fun little tidbit. One of the writers for the TV Show "The Carrie Diaries" (Amy B. Harris) reported on her Twitter account that she had once seen one of the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks eating a pigeon in the park and had used that anecdote as material for the show. She doesn't make clear when she saw the Hawk (and whether the Hawk she saw might have been Violet, Bobby, Rosie, or a juvenile).

The episode (Hungry like the Wolf), which aired on January 17th, opens with Carrie and a friend watching the Hawk (which turned out to be a Harris's Hawk on-screen) eating a pigeon before it flies away.

I found out about this episode thanks to an automated email subscription which notifies me when the WSP Hawks are mentioned online.

I'd seen The Carrie Diaries getting filmed close to the park last September but I don't think I was in the park the day this particular episode's scene was filmed.

Below are some screen shots I took while doing my (ahem) research on the episode :)

 Recap of the opening scene:

The scene looked like it was filmed during autumn considering the amount of leaves still on the trees (and just beginning to change color).

The gaping crowd (hmm.. Rosie or Bobby would not eat a pigeon on the ground right in the park's square but OK):

The Harris's Hawk flying up and away from the crowd (in front of the man in the red jacket, right of center):

Carrie looking utterly disgusted:

Falconer's leather strap seen flapping horizontally from the Hawk's ankle while in flight: