Bobby and Rosie share a pigeon - February 24th, 2014

Bobby dove and caught a pigeon that had been sitting on the Washington Square Park arch:

He toted it to a building facing the eastern side of the park:

He brought it to a new perch on the same building:

He was on construction equipment. There was loud work going on behind him.

He fought gusts of wind from time to time:

He then flew to a perch further behind his building but in a spot far from my view.

I saw him again seven minutes later. He was on NYU's Shimkin Hall (just east of the Bobst Library nest):

Bobby had perched on NYU's Silver Center (corner of the railing):

To the corner of the NYU Education Building:

He then flew into the nest:

He then circled above the park square:

He then landed at the back of the Education Building. Rosie was there already, eating the pigeon Bobby had captured earlier.

It reminded me of when Bobby was up there on April 9th, 2012 with a newspaper (material for the nest?):


Bobby dropped down a little lower than her.


Bobby rose up from the roof:

Rosie left with the pigeon remains:

I watched as Rosie landed on the back section of Silver to eat:

Bobby then went to the pigeon to eat some more of it for himself (Rosie turning back to watch him):

Rosie cleaned her beak:

She then took off:

Bobby watched her fly:

She landed on the Silver Center railing and took some time to wipe up some more. 

Picking a talon clean:

Bobby finished eating then brought the pigeon body with him to yet another new location:

Flying alongside the Education Building:

He and Rosie disappeared when flying further east.

The nest from afar:

A Woodpecker singing and hopping about on a tree was a good way to end my visit: