Bobby and Rosie 'twig', 'nest', then head to Union Square Park - February 20th, 2014

A fellow Hawk-watcher who was in Washington Square Park before I arrived had sent me news of Bobby and Rosie's general whereabouts so finding them was not too difficult thankfully.

I first spotted Bobby on one of the Hawks' regular perches on West 3rd Street and LaGuardia Place. They were a block south of the park. The Bobst Library (the location of their nest) is at the corner of 4th Street and LaGuardia Place.

Bobby was fussing with some food on the railing:

I didn't realize it until I looked at my photos later but Rosie happened to be sitting right next to him:

Bobby dropped what was a rat:

Rosie disappeared (without my seeing her do so at the time).

Bobby flew toward the park:

Bobby and Rosie were in the trees, twigging (collecting material for the nest).

Bobby brought material to NYU's Kimmel Center (across the street from the nest):

Rosie appeared, toting her own material. She flew past the nest and brought it to a regular stash site on a building diagonally across the street from the nest:

A few seconds later Bobby brought his material to the nest:

He then flew over the eastern side of the park then landed on the park-facing side of NYU's Silver Center.

Coming in for a landing:

He returned to the trees:

Drawing up his foot to grab hold of the twig:

Rosie surprised us. She slipped into the nest while my friend and I had been watching Bobby. She flew out of the nest and to the trees at the western side of the park:

Bobby remained in the nest. The photo below is admittedly pretty awful but it was the best I could do photographing in the direction of the sun:


Bobby stood up after several minutes:

We missed when Bobby left the nest.

I thought I was leaving for the day so I took this parting shot of Rosie after forty five minutes of watching her:

I walked around the perimeter of the park when exiting.

I then saw Rosie fly overhead:

She circled and rose extremely high in the sky above the park.

She then tucked in and dove all the way to the ConEd tower that sits outside Union Square Park. 

It was pretty exciting to watch her direct flight.

I looked closer and saw that she had joined Bobby there!

I think the last time I saw Bobby at that building was at least a year ago so it was pretty cool to see he still perches there. And I think this was the first time I had seen Rosie there. Violet used to join Bobby at that building.

A Cooper's Hawk circled above the park:

I walked north on Broadway in order to get a better look at the Hawks atop the tower.

Who I think was Rosie had moved toward the left a bit. You can only just see the dark shape of the top of Bobby's head left of center:

One of the Hawks then flew off the tower and headed further east:

I walked several blocks east to see if I could find the bird again but never did. It might have gone to Tompkins Square Park since it was descending in that direction but I had already been out birding for almost two hours already and didn't feel like venturing that far east so I left the area for the day. :)