Bobby then Rosie hanging about - February 7th, 2014

I saw a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk on 1st Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues (the same area I've seen a juvenile hanging out on occasion):

It disappeared when I was glanced down to check my camera settings.

I then went to Washington Square Park.

A fellow Hawk-watcher was already in the park, watching Bobby sit at the Hangman's Elm. I got to see him there for several minutes before he then hopped from tree to tree:

He flew from the west to the east side of the park:

Looking down at pigeons he scared up:

On NYU's Silver Center:

Soaring across the northern border of the park:

Rosie showed up and circled in the sky with him. They were both following pigeons that were trying to get away from them.

Rosie wound up in the nest:

She flew from the nest to the back of Kimmel just as she did on the 4th

She eventually flew past the nest, to Shimkin (which neighbors the nest's building), picked up some nesting material stashed there, then brought it to the nest:

She flew to a west side tree:

She was watching the pigeons that gathered by the square from time to time.

She hopped off her tree and dove to one:

She didn't catch anything so she continued her flight.

Air gun?

Sitting in a tree at the southern edge of the park (in front of Kimmel):

She flew south out of the park:

She sat on a tree at the patch of land a block south of the park (at LaGuardia Place and 3rd Street). I had photographed her hunting from there February 18th, 2012.

She flew back to the park.

My friend and I looked for her but couldn't find her.