Fourteen minutes with Rosie this morning - February 14th, 2014

I swung by Washington Square Park this morning to check on the Hawks and saw Rosie doing well. 

A fellow Hawk-watcher reported seeing what was thought to have been Bobby earlier in the morning.

We had a pretty awful snowstorm to contend with yesterday (snow then sleet, strong winds, barely-plowed streets, deep and dirty slush puddles, you name it!). Yet today we have gorgeous blue skies and rather mild temperatures.

A Bobst Library room with a view (snow shown blowing from off the roof at the moment):

Rosie was relaxed in a tree at the northwest section of the park:

The winds gusted a lot so she did her best to balance herself against the breeze:

One particular gust gave her quite a lot of lift so off she went:

She circled above the park square, scaring up the pigeons that were feasting on the ground.

She flew far east past NYU's Silver Center.

I lost her for good at that point:

The pigeons calmed down after Rosie disappeared and took advantage of the melting snow:

Parting shot of the nest from below: