Rosie and Bobby palling around, lone Tompkins Square Park Hawk - February 4th, 2014


She flew west out of the nest and landed on the neighboring building (NYU's Kimmel Center):

She soared above Kimmel for a few seconds before we saw Bobby appear from further west. 

He flew past her and the nest:

Rosie followed in his direction:

She landed atop NYU's Education Building (which overlooks the southeastern corner of the park):

Bobby reappeared and circled in the sky between the library and Kimmel:

Rosie watched him: 

He flew to her building:

He landed a bit below her. She looked down upon him:

He soon flew up and landed on the antenna north of her:

Rosie still on her antenna perch (on the right):

He was perched for only a few seconds before flying east out of the park.

Rosie quickly followed him.

They circled high in the sky together three to four blocks east of the park (above Mercer Street and Broadway).

Bobby then tucked in and dove very far east:

Rosie followed him:

They headed so far east, I wondered if they ventured as far as Tompkins Square Park.

I walked to the park but did not find them anywhere. But I did see one of the adult Red-tails that hangs out at Tompkins. It was seated atop the tallest apartment building overlooking the eastern side of the park (Christadora House):

A Blue Jay crying out near me was too attractive to ignore:

The Hawk was obviously having a relaxing time in the chimney heat:

It was clear the bird had no intention of leaving the heat source so I left after half an hour.