Stranger Hawk gets chased out of Washington Square Park - February 17th, 2014

I saw Bobby perched atop One Fifth Avenue (outside the northern border of the park) for a few seconds before he flew far northeast:

I saw Rosie seven minutes later as she flew from tree to tree at the eastern side of the park:

She walked along the tree to fetch some squirrel leftovers that had been left on the branch:

She took the remains north out of the park: 

She tried to land on a window sill but couldn't get a good grip so she descended a bit, regained her composure, then toted the squirrel back to the park (flying under the park arch):

The squirrel body was clearly heavy for her because she was flying lower, slower, and more strenuously than usual:

She successfully brought the squirrel to a high tree branch:

She brought the prey to another tree three minutes later:

A strange Red-tail was higher up in the same tree. It looked down upon Rosie:

It was probably a young adult because although its tail feathers were fully red, its eyes were bright yellow:

There was a lot of "yelling" going on in the tree with one or both Hawks screeching out loudly. 

Rosie dropped her prey:

Rosie looking up:

The stranger looking down:

Rosie gave chase:

Bobby then appeared and flew toward the tree. She and Bobby then joined up and chased the stranger from the trees. They flew along the border of the park by first going north, west, south, east, circled in the sky a bit, then further east.

One of the Hawks when flying north:

I waited and searched a while to see if any of the Hawks would return to the park but it was not to be.

I did see this cutie crunching on some snowy ice for a few seconds though: