Tompkins Square Park Red-tailed Hawk nest

Intrepid Tompkins Square Park Hawk follower/photographer Goggla recently shared the news that a pair of adult Red-tailed Hawks are building a nest on an air conditioner at the apartment building Christadora House (which overlooks the eastern border of the park). See that specific Goggla post here.

February 4th was the last time I was at TSP where I saw one of the adults having a chimney heat sun bath atop Christadora House.

I had seen the adults at Christadora when I visited in early December as well so it seems they have had their eyes on that building (the tallest in the area) for a while now. 

One of the pair looks a lot like an adult I saw in TSP in December of 2011 so perhaps this bird has been living there all this time? :)

A couple of juveniles still hang out and hunt in the park regularly. It will be interesting to see if the adults drive them out so that their offspring can inherit the park during their hunting/training phase before they too are forced to move on and find their own territory.