Egg(s)? Rosie and Bobby switching places in the nest - March 15th, 2014

It appears that there is now, at the very least, one egg in the Washington Square Park Hawk nest. 

Bobby and Rosie are now regularly taking turns sitting in their nest. A fellow Hawk-watcher informed me that she saw the nest-switching behavior quite clearly yesterday after I had already left the park for the day (I didn't blog about my visit yesterday because there wasn't much to report save for one time when Bobby brought what looked like a huge piece of paper to the nest). 

I was able to take video of Bobby and Rosie switching nest duty this morning. The footage below also includes scenes of Rosie eating and perching in various spots.

You can hear Rosie calling out starting at the 34 second mark.

I cut the audio in a couple of the clips in order to not distract the viewer from having to hear park noise that was occurring during the action.

I have been taking these videos with an older point-and-shoot camera because I won't be able to use my telephoto zoom lens and DSLR camera for another few weeks. The timing works out alright for me though because I'll be back to using my zoom lens well before any hatchlings start standing up and exploring the nest and ledge. :) In the meantime I'll be doing my best to improve my video-taking abilities with what I have now.