Two eggs in Rosie and Bobby's nest / Egg(s) at TSP? - March 29th, 2014

A fellow Hawk-watcher informed me that two eggs have reportedly been seen in Rosie and Bobby's nest since March 10th. There is no word yet on if there may have been more eggs laid since then.

I am not sure how reliable the date of the 10th is yet since the footage I had taken of Rosie and Bobby mating and spending quite a bit of time away from the nest was around 1:00PM on the 11th. So perhaps Rosie laid the eggs a little later on the 11th.

In either case, the revised hatching dates (28-35 days after laying) should be around April 7th - April 14th and the fledge dates (42-46 days after hatching) should be between May 19th - May 26th or so.

Historically the Washington Square Park have hatched at least two days later than 'expected' so the true fledge days may come a little later as well.

In other fine city Hawk news, it appears the Tompkins Square Park Red-tailed Hawk female may have laid her first egg today.

Here is a link to Goggla's blog and Flickr pages' updates and beautiful photos. In this linked Flickr photo you can see that the apartment resident took great care to protect the inside view of the nest so as not to scare the Hawks.