Bobby and Rosie delivering food to their young - April 18th, 2014

I saw a Red-tailed Hawk on a building chimney vent at the corner of 1st Avenue and 4th Street when on my walk to Washington Square Park today. I've seen one of the Tompkins Square Park adults on that perch a few times before over the last few months. It is a regular perch of theirs. I would have taken a photo if it weren't too busy and crowded on the street and if I weren't in such a rush. Little did I know I'd see it perched there again later in the day (pic included further below).

Bobby then Rosie delivered their own pigeons to the nest today in order to feed their new hatchlings.


Rosie got up as soon as Bobby arrived. She is on the right:

Bobby helped pluck some of the pigeon (feather stuck to his beak for a second):

Rosie appeared to be feeding her babes.

Bobby left after 3 minutes:

Bobby wiped up at his favorite corner of Silver Center:

There always seem to be Finches on Silver as well. There were about four of them today. 

One of the red ones:

Bobby looking at the nest:

He left Silver after 21 minutes:

A little bit of a balancing act:

He soon flew out again: 

Right back to Silver:

He then flew to the Education Building (closer to the nest):

Back to Silver:

He returned to the nest but the only shot I could get at the time was of his wingtips when he entered the nest. A girl was walking by me when Bobby was in flight so I had to keep my long lens down or else I would have hit her. :)

I stood under the nest for 24 minutes, wondering when the heck Bobby or Rosie were going to exit again. It was so cold out, I almost gave up and left but then I saw Rosie fly right to the building down the block from me, toting something in her talons. She had given me the slip! I didn't even see her leave the nest.

She brought her bit of pigeon to the nest:

Bobby flew out of the nest and returned to Silver:

He then flew clear across the park and landed on some construction scaffolding atop a building:

Step by step: 

I lost him as he flew out of the park.

I had been at the park for almost two hours and had gotten pretty cold so I headed due east on 4th Street to run an errand and meet up with a friend.

Imagine my shock when I saw Bobby flying to and landing on an apartment building five blocks east of the park (at 4th Street and Bowery):

He was circling around, scaring up pigeons in the meantime.

He circled above my corner at one point:

My friend caught up with me and saw Bobby land on an apartment building called 2 Cooper Square:

The arrow marks where 2 Cooper Square is in relation to both Washington and Tompkins Square Parks:

The male Tompkins Square Park Red-tailed Hawk was back on the 1st Avenue chimney vent (two blocks east):

It was taut, watching Bobby (heat waves making him look like a painting):

Bobby circled around a few more times at the corner of 4th and Cooper Square. He then disappeared when he tucked into a dive, heading even further east. The Tompkins Square Park Hawk left the chimney vent but I didn't see which direction he went.

My friend and I continued east then south where I spotted the male Tompkins Square Park Hawk perched on Most Holy Redeemer Church at 3rd Street between Avenues A and B:

The church's location in relation to both parks: