Bobby out and about, Rosie on the nest - April 16th 2014

Rosie was on the nest the whole time I was in Washington Square Park today (a little more than an hour).

Rosie lying down low on the nest:

Bobby on One Fifth after several minutes' absence:

He circled around the southwestern side of the park:

He and another Hawk flew very high up over the nest site. I couldn't lock my focus on them as they flew by but the following picture should give an idea of how high they were as they traveled east:

Bobby back on his own after several minutes. 

Flying west:

He hopped off the cross after one minute then made his way to the nest:

He exited the nest two minutes later. I guess Rosie wasn't in the mood to have a nest break at the time.


He dove down sharply and looked like he tucked right into the trees at the northwestern corner of the park. He scared up some pigeons:

I looked for him in that corner of the park but didn't find him again before I had to leave.