Nest switch: Bobby in, Rosie out - April 5th, 2014

The nest looking well:

I'm back in the saddle with my telephoto lens and proper DSLR camera and pretty happy about that.

Colorful bits of coated wire and some rope:

Time for this spring's lawn seeding to commence. The rolled up fencing will surround some of the lawns so that the grass can grow unperturbed (too bad about the illegal pigeon feeding happening in the photo below but such things continue to go on unabated): 

The fencing is a good thing Hawk-wise because then the fledglings will be able to play and practice hunting on the lawn more or less undisturbed from people getting too close to them.

 I spotted Bobby soaring in circles around Silver Center a few minutes later:

He was diagonally across from the nest so he swooped in after a few more seconds:

Rosie rose up after a few seconds and had her turn out of the nest:

She circled around Silver Center as well then kept flying east out of the park.

Signs of spring at last:

I hung around for several more minutes in case Rosie reappeared but she did not so I left.