Nest switches in WSP and TSP - April 9th, 2014

Bobby and Rosie were doing well in Washington Square Park today.


Rosie having a stretch upon getting up:

She left the tree after 41 minutes:

She flew off her last tree after 17 minutes:

She disappeared north of the park for a few minutes before showing up on the southeast corner of One Fifth Avenue:

She dove off like a shot after 12 minutes and headed right back to the nest:

It was Bobby's turn to leave the nest:

At one point it looked like he was going to return to the nest:

But instead he veered away and flew eastward:

I moved on to Tompkins Square Park.

The female was sitting nicely on her three eggs:

I had been concerned about the location of the nest for a while but it may actually fare well barring a hurricane or other super powerful wind storm. The apartment building blocks the north winds and the top of the air conditioner looks like it sits a few inches below the rim of the frame. The surrounding twigs seem to be sturdily keeping the bowl of the nest solidly in place. We had gusty winds today and I watched to see if the nest was moved at all by the wind but it was not.

Squirrels were sending out their warning cries in a tree near me so I scanned it to see if the male was there. He was in the tree but flew off it and went further into the park before I could get a good shot of him.

The female got up for one minute to preen before tucking back in.

The male joined her at the nest 19 minutes later. He walked along the rim of the nest:

She finally got up to have a break:

She flew north and out of the park, seemingly to land on one of the low buildings lining the northern border of the park.

I saw her again 10 minutes later when she was circling above the park, diagonally across from the nest:

She disappeared when flying southeast. It was at this point when I spoke with TSP staff who provided the good news that the rat poison that used to be in the park was removed because of the presence of the nesting Hawks.