Three eggs in the Tompkins Square Park nest (UPDATED) - April 9th, 2014

Pretty good! Check out the beautiful photo a local photographer had taken of the eggs with a window-mounted camera which Goggla posted on her blog here:

Update, 2:30PM - I visited TSP today and got some shots of the Hawks having a nest switch (which I'll post later). I went to the park more specifically in order to look and see if there were still a number of poison rat traps there. 

The park was loaded with poison bait traps the last time I spent much time there (several weeks ago). I was shocked to see no bait traps whatsoever. Mind you, I was prepared to go through the whole process of contacting the Parks Department all over again (this time to try to protect the TSP Hawks).

I spoke with TSP staff members and inquired about the traps and they informed me they stopped putting bait out thanks to a tip from an Urban Park Ranger who notified them of the resident Hawk pair and nest. I asked if they would start baiting again once the fledglings left the park or if they could use snap traps instead and was told that hasn't been decided yet. That's a decision for higher-ups apparently.

An Urban Park Ranger friend of mine (who cares greatly for the Hawks) confirmed he was the source of the note to TSP staff. Well done and kudos to him for looking out for the Hawks!