Washington Square Park Hawk babies' ledge flights - May 30th, 2014

The Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawk babies are now able to fly about ¾ of the length of the nest ledge. I saw one of the hatchlings do so during my visit to the park today.

It reminded me of when I saw Pip fly the full length of the nest ledge back on June 22nd, 2011 (the day before she fledged). That flight can be seen at the 00:27 mark in the video below:

But this spring's babies are not quite as far along as she was in the video. For the most part the two jumped and flapped and flew in little spurts this morning.

They ran the length of the ledge more often than I have seen them do in the past so they are progressing nicely.

Some of the best jumping and flying bits between the two:

One of them made a vertical leap against the window but didn't get very far before touching down again:

Bobby brought them food (one of them ate while the other relaxed on the opposite side of the ledge):

I spotted Rosie and Bobby together on One Fifth about 15 minutes after the food drop (Rosie on the left):

Rosie and Bobby feeding their youngins - May 28th, 2014

Bobby was on his high One Fifth Avenue perch when I arrived at Washington Square Park today.

One of the kids was up:

I walked closer to the nest and spotted Rosie in a tree directly across from it:

Looking at her young from below:

She was hunting, eyeing pigeons and squirrels on the lawn below her.

I saw Bobby fly into the nest so I focused my attention on him for a few seconds. I saw his head jerk as though he were watching Rosie intently. I looked for her in her tree but she had already disappeared on me.

Bobby soon left the nest:

He landed on a branch above me then flew to a branch in the tree Rosie had just been in:

He was hunting as well.

A squirrel climbed toward him. It was seated on a branch across from him, more or less at eye level.

Bobby surprised me by making a go for it:

He missed.

He usually goes for pigeons these days since they are so much easier to catch. 

Rosie flew into the nest after a few seconds.

Bobby with the library in the background:

Bobby flew overhead and north, out of the park:

Rosie watching him:

I found Bobby zooming straight toward One Fifth Avenue:

I meandered back toward Rosie and the nest:

She left the nest without me seeing her go.

Pigeons scattered in a panic to my left so I kept my eye open to see if Rosie might have been the reason.

Sure enough, it was her.

She flew across the park square (from east to west):

She left the Sparrow with the hatchlings to eat then brought older food out of the nest:

I found her on the cross a few minutes later:

Bobby joined her in the few seconds it took me to walk closer to her:


I saw him leave the nest but didn't get a chance to photograph him doing so.

I next spotted him on a building diagonally across from the nest, plucking a pigeon:

He flew north, swung around, then brought the rest of the pigeon to the nest: 

Out again:

I watched the hatchling on the left in the photo below eat some of the pigeon without assistance.