Drizzly WSP Hawk baby stretches - May 9th, 2014

It was a bit drizzly and quite overcast during my lunchtime visit to Washington Square Park today. 

Rosie was on Judson Memorial Church's cross, wings outstretched, allowing the light rain to wash her feathers:

A Mockingbird headed right to her and dive-bombed her for a couple of minutes:

I couldn't stay long so I moved in viewing distance of the nest in the hopes of seeing Rosie or Bobby fly into it or perhaps one of the hatchlings move about. 

Waiting around paid off because one of the babes got up after several minutes. It preened, stretched its wings, had a poop, then sat and watched the world for a bit.

Rosie was on the cross the entire time (about 25 minutes). Now that the babes do not need to be kept warm as often or guarded so closely since the days they were newly-hatched, Rosie and Bobby have extended the length of their nest breaks. In the last several days I and a fellow Hawk-watcher have noted that Rosie and Bobby have typically been spending up to half an hour away from the nest.

Although I did not see Bobby today, a friend told me they saw him sitting in the same tree both shortly before and after my visit so he was well accounted for.