Hawk baby jump-flaps on the rise - May 24th, 2014

Rosie was seen flying in and out of the nest mere moments before I arrived at Washington Square Park this morning. She brought food out of the nest and brought it to an unseen spot a block south of the park where a friend suspects Rosie takes some of her meals.

Both kids sun-bathing:

Rosie eventually reappeared and perched on the Judson Memorial Church cross.

Bobby flew back and forth in front of the nest a couple of times, right at baby Hawk eye level. He'd fly the length of the whole block going westward, eastward, then westward again.

A piece of paper floated out of the nest on its own:

It looked like a paper towel.

Drying out (we had heavy rain last night)? Warming Up? Cooling off?

Bobby joined Rosie on the cross:

Bobby flew to his One Fifth Avenue perch several minutes later. Rosie soon disappeared.

It looked like one of the babes was peering up at him:

Rambunctious jump-flapping commenced:

Still a bunch of feather gaps on one of the kids' wings:

Running and hopping across the ledge:

Mighty leap (sibling's feathers seen poking up from further back on the ledge):

One of the little Hawks ran to the far corner of the ledge:

Its sibling ran after it:

The two then preened for a little while then settled down to rest:

I walked north to see if Bobby was still on his perch at One Fifth Avenue.

He was still there:

But it wasn't until after I got home and looked through my photos did I discover Rosie was lying down next to him: