Rosie fortifying the nest with fresh boughs - May 16th, 2014

It's a stormy, gusty day in the city today. I was lucky to have only cloudy and breezy weather when I visited Washington Square Park for a little while earlier today.

When I arrived I saw one of the Red-tailed Hawks enter then leave the nest after a few seconds but I was too far to tell who it was.

I soon saw Rosie emerge from one of her and Bobby's favorite trees on the western side of the park with a leafy twig in her beak.

She circled the park several times before bringing it to the nest:

Rosie back out again:

Returning to the same tree for more supplies:

The pigeons that had been perched in neighboring trees flew out together in a panic :

Rosie soon circled above the park again before returning to the nest:

She is the lower, central bird (pigeons scattered all around):

I only got to see the tops of the babies' heads during my visit but a fellow Hawk-watcher saw both of them hanging out in the middle of the ledge before I arrived. Bobby was well accounted for as well.

Rosie had to battle the winds in order to land at the top of the Judson Memorial Church cross:

Fighting to stay balanced: