Rosie's lunch break and Bobby's new food for the babies - May 13th, 2014

Bobby was the first Hawk I saw when I entered the middle of Washington Square Park today. He was on the upper left-hand ledge of One Fifth Avenue:

A Mockingbird quickly joined him and began dive-bombing him for a couple of minutes:

He was not bothered, as usual.

Rosie was in the nest, watching all the action:

One of the hatchlings got up.

Yes, yes, I know I'm starting to go overboard with all my baby pooping photos but I think they're pretty funny so here's one more, taken when the babe got up:

I include this photo to show the width of the sidewalk below the nest and accompanying white droppings:

Rosie took some of the food out of the nest and brought it behind a round-roofed building a couple of us are now calling "The Barn". A fellow Hawk-watcher has seen Rosie eating behind The Barn a few times over the last week.

The building is right behind Judson Memorial Church.

Rosie returned after a few minutes:

Bobby flew off One Fifth and toward the back of Two Fifth Avenue:

Disappearing behind the arch:

He returned several minutes later, toting food:

He circled in the sky across from Rosie as she sat on the Judson Memorial Church cross, as if to clearly show her he had food.

He took it right to the nest:

He then looked as though he fed the meal to the babes but I could not see their heads popping up above the rim of the nest bowl so I can't say for sure. But his body language indicated he was feeding them. 

Rosie flew off the cross, went behind NYU's Kimmel Center and out of view for a couple of minutes, then joined Bobby in the nest:

Rosie on the right:

He circled a bit outside the eastern border of the park before landing on NYU's Silver Center. I had a good view of the nest at the time so I did not move to see where on Silver Bobby had landed.

Although I didn't get a decent shot that I could share, I did see both Hawk babies up and about in the nest at the same time so both appear to be well.

I eventually noticed Bobby now sitting at the opposite side of the park:

He was sitting where he could observe the nest and get some direct afternoon sun at the same time:

The hatchling in the last series of photos above tucked down out of sight so I left the park for the day.