WSP Hawk babies up and exercising - May 7th, 2014

I saw Rosie fly from the top of a West 4th Street building (diagonally across the street from the nest) south to West 3rd Street. She was sitting on top of one of the NYU Housing buildings that overlooks Sasaki Garden (mentioned at the end of my post from yesterday).

Looking at her from West 4th Sreet (Bobst Library, site of the nest, on the right):

I walked to 3rd Street and behind the library to get more views of her.

The worker on the roof never saw her (she is to the left):

She was pretty relaxed so I headed back to Washington Square Park to see if I could find Bobby.

He was on the same flagpole as yesterday (atop NYU's Education Building):

Rosie flew into the park 22 minutes later. She soared over the west side of the park. Bobby saw her, jumped off his flagpole, then flew toward her.

One of the Hawks getting bumped and chased by a Mockingbird:


She circled over the park square a few times then landed on the green structure on One Fifth Avenue:

The Mockingbird landed and sat above her before dive-bombing her a few times:

Bobby appeared 15 minutes later, toting a pigeon. He flew behind Two Fifth Avenue, the building just west of Rosie's:

He then flew the pigeon body right to the nest. You can see Rosie following him in the photo below. She is at the upper left-hand edge:

Rosie entering right after him:

Bobby left within a minute:

He circled above the park several times:

Flying past One Fifth:

Rosie fed the hatchlings. One of them was exercising its wings and walking around a little bit.

Wing extended:

It's still amazing to realize that in just a few short weeks the little fluff balls will grow up enough to fly and hunt on their own.

The other baby backed up and pooped over the edge (the yellowish glob seen on the left). I added this image because it's pretty funny and also as an illustrative and friendly warning to not walk on the street below the nest until after the babies fledge!

The babe then made its way back to the window.

The feeding lasted 21 minutes. Both hatchlings then settled down low and out of sight. 

Rosie preened: