WSP Hawk hatchlings getting bigger and bigger - May 19th, 2014


She went to One Fifth Avenue and was accosted by Blue Jays:

When I was in Washington Square Park I thought she was being harassed by Mockingbirds.

She rose up, charged the Blue Jays, then flew to one of the east side flag poles.

She visited the nest:

She took some food out of the nest after a few minutes:

It looked like the back half of a rat or maybe even a baby squirrel (hind legs and tail just visible below):

She circled above the park square with the food a few times then brought it back to the nest for the babes.

The two kids were tucked in the far corner opposite the nest at the time.

One of them ran along the ledge, wings flapping, toward Rosie:

The other babe ran and flapped to the feeding too:

The hatchlings' wings and tail feathers are still pretty short/underdeveloped.

After the meal:

Rosie left the nest, circled over the park, then landed on the cross again:

Rosie back in flight:

Back to the cross:

Bobby showed up, soaring above the eastern side of the park:

He landed on One Fifth:

One of the hatchlings seeming to look up at him:

Rosie stayed on the cross the rest of my visit.